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Sector 25A,Noida


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Belleville Park, placed in the heart of Noida Delhi NCR, is a space settled in greenery and clean surroundings. Living in Tranquility which blends ultra modern courtesies with lavish spaces is an idea that gives you and your family an open door to claim these Villas and change your style of life.

A match for your identity, Belleville Park is a sumptuous gated group which have been outlined and created in a contemporary and chic style that matches your identity. Rich configuration components and high end fitings supplement the cutting edge structural engineering of these Villas. With all the accommodations of a superior lifestyle in your neighborhood, these Villas are the ideal area and choice for a prevalent lifestyle while appreciating the serenity and peace inside the heart of the city. You may loosen up and unwind at the premium club house or flavor the euphoric lifestyle in the tranquil mood here.

Belleville Park is focused around the idea of Green Living . Remembering a solid lifestyle for its inhabitants, these Villas are an eco friendly lavish group with rainwater collecting, sun oriented/ mixture water warming and waste administration frameworks. As a pledge to our Eco agreeable belief system, no transport is permitted on the ground level additionally bikes, golf trucks and other Eco inviting modes of transport. While this is in keeping with our belief system on keeping up an Eco nature's turf, it likewise helps security as there is abundant space for youngsters to play without needing to stress over trac.come stay with us established in the timeless extravagance.

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